White noise toys

There are already many beautiful plush toys on the market that play white noise. Those toys are a great solution for everyone who is anyhow “against” using modern technology to play white noise - such as mobile phone, tablet or computer. White noise plush toys can also be a great, very nice and very practical gift for a newborn baby. Not only the child would be happy, but his mother would also be happy, it will solve many troubles with putting the baby to bed!

Toys that play white noise - sounds that can stop the baby from crying like a miracle and it will make your baby fall asleep within minutes. These toys are suitable for newborn babies from 0 to 2 years of age.

The most popular white noise toy is the Whisbear teddy bear, the MyHummy teddy bears or the ZAZU animals. Their prices are around $50. Here is the current offer of white noise toys and their prices:

Šumící medvídek Whisbear