The White Noise

While some of us have absolutely no trouble falling asleep at night, others aren’t quite as lucky and find themselves unable to get a good night’s sleep in the noisy urban environment we live in today. People don’t only have troubles with falling asleep, but also with concentration and relaxation. So, how should you cope with the barking dog next door, the constant noise coming from the nearby highway or the washing machine being used at 1 am by one of your neighbours? Play some  white noise!

What exactly is white noise and how does it work?

The same way we use colours to describe different types of light, we can also use colours to describe different types of noise. White light contains all colours of the colour spectrum, white noise does the same thing, only with sounds that the human ear is capable of hearing. We could say that white noise is about 20 000 different sounds coming to you at the same time. White noise is used to cover other, usually unwanted noises. It could sound something like this.

How does white noise work?

You may think that adding even more noise into your bedroom is going to be counter productive. White noise can block other sounds and transform them into a kind of a “buzz” or a “hum” in the background. Thanks to this fact, your brain won’t pay attention to them. Thus you’ll stop paying attention to a loud TV, a highway or a barking dog and will have everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.

How works and how to fall asleep faster?

Here at, the sounds in the main menu are divided into four categories:

  • technical sounds (machines, motors, tools),
  • water sounds (ocean, waves, shower, waterfall, bathing),
  • natural sounds (fire crack in the fireplace, human breath, wind, forest)
  • and relaxing melodies

You can find two versions of online player - short and long. A short version will be played over and over until you turn it off, the long version will be played one time for an hour. However, the audio will be downloaded only once for the very first time visiting, next time it will be played from the browser cache. Play the sounds online at and greatly save your cellular data. You can save up to 99% of your cellular data more than white noises on YouTube.

When does white noise help?

The many positive effects of white noise can be used in lots of different scenarios. Thanks to its ability to block noise coming from the outside of your room, it can help you and your entire family fall asleep. It’s also a great method of calming down babies. We can even use it when we need to focus on a particular task, something everyone working in a noisy environment will be thankful for. White noise can also be helpful in an office, where it can prevent your colleagues’ conversations from distracting you from work.

6 reasons why white noise will make you fall asleep faster.

The number of people having problems falling asleep is rising steadily. A good night’s sleep is an unattainable goal that many of us dream of some day achieving. The spectrum of distracting noises includes car sounds, buzzing from the street and even the neighbours washing machine. Earplugs aren’t always the best solution though. If you also find yourselves facing these problems, try something entirely different – try white noise. Why will it help you fall asleep faster?

A very important ritual

Falling asleep is much easier when you have an established evening ritual that will let your body know that it’s time to get some rest.

A calm bedroom

For a good night’s sleep, you need to have a calm and soothing environment. If you’re distracted by a spectrum of annoying sounds, you are unable to get the best out of your sleep.

Sleep till the morning

By blocking all the distracting sounds, white noise ensures that you have everything you need for a good night’s sleep. If you for some reason wake up in the middle of the night, white noise will make sure you fall asleep again as soon as possible.

Stop thinking

Many of us are unable to fall asleep because of all the thinking our brain is occupied with. We are trying to remember what we’ve forgotten, we’re trying to solve all our problems and we’re thinking about what the future has in store for us. If this is something you’re guilty of doing, white noise can help you out! Some people even use it for meditation!

A good night’s sleep

This might surprise you, but you wake up multiple times each night. These small disruptions in your sleep pattern make a big difference when it comes to the overall quality of your sleep. Give white noise a chance and you might find that you’re much more rested and full of energy in the morning.

White noise always at hand

Some people fall asleep in seconds when they have their own bed to sleep it, but the second they try to close their eyes shut in a hotel room or in a friend’s house, they are unable to come to terms with their brain that simply has to think about everything that happened that day. White noise at can help! And you can take it with yourself wherever you want to!

Why do babies love white noise?

Your baby might have tons of toys, multiple cute dresses and a pile of pacifiers. But if your baby sleeps through the whole day it doesn’t care about toys. So do them a favour and try to make sure that their sleep as effective as possible. White noise can help.

White noise for better sleep

Does it happen to you often that you have to calm your baby every 20 or so minutes, because it simply can’t fall asleep? Thanks to white noise, these intervals become much shorter and newborns can thus enjoy a much better sleep. Aside from that, white noise also blocks noises that might disturb babies; noises coming from appliances, phones, TV or loud discussions.

Fewer tears, fewer troubles

White noise can also make your baby stop crying. The famous “hush” you make when you want to calm your baby down could even be considered as a form of white noise. White noise is “noisy” enough that your baby can hear it through the sound of its own weeping and will calm itself down. White noise also helps your babies create a much more pleasant and soothing environment where they can rest undisturbed for hours. It may sound strange to you, but even our babies can be stressed out. The world is something entirely new to them and they are under pressure to remember each new face, every new sound and every new light. White noise creates a much more suitable environment for them, since they can ignore the distracting cues and focus on relaxation.

Sleep for once

White noise can even help the parents. Moms and dads always wake up after their baby boy/girl starts weeping. Since white noise makes your baby more relaxed, it won’t wake up that often, thus saving you from unexpected 4am rescue missions. Try to measure, how much time it takes your baby to fall asleep while listening to this melody.

White noise for babies and their mommies

One of the most important things a baby can get is an optimal dose of a good quality sleep. If you’re still having troubles with putting your little ones to sleep or with creating a “sleep mode” for them, you should try to play some white noise in the background. It will calm your baby down and will also create a pleasant and soothing environment for your baby to sleep in.

How does white noise help your cause?

White noise creates a calm environment that is ideal to sleep in. It also calms babies by making them listen to sounds that may be similar to those they’d been hearing in their mommy’s womb. If babies become hungry, or if their teeth hurt a bit, the threshold that needs to be passed for them to wake up will be much higher. White noise blocks all other distracting noises and will help your baby fall asleep. The same effects can be expected in adults!

Womb sounds

You might think that a womb is a quit place, but you’d be mistaken. In there, your baby had heard your heart beating in a certain rhythm, your blood flowing through your veins all the time and your voice, soothing them every day. The babies can thus be stressed out when they come out of your womb straight into the real world, full of unfamiliar sounds. White noise is trying to recreate the sounds your baby heard back in the womb.

White noise and addiction?

A lot of moms are afraid that exposing their babies to white noise may cause serious addiction that will prevent the baby from sleeping without white noise in the background. White noise only helps to create a soothing atmosphere and a sleep routine. By playing some white noise, the baby’s brain will know that it’s time to rest. It’s the same thing as leaving a small lamp on for the night in their room, or reading them a short fairy tale. As your baby grows up, you can try to limit your white noise “usage”.

White noise and its variants

You probably recognise white noise already; it’s a great help for putting your babies to sleep by combining the frequencies your ear is capable of hearing together into one single sound, thus blocking all other distracting and annoying sounds – be it noisy neighbours, local traffic or a barking dog. But there are many other colour variants.

Pink noise

For some people, white noise can prove to be too sharp and unpleasant. One of the popular alternatives is pink noise that also includes all audible frequencies, but is more focused on those that come from the lower end of the spectrum that might be more pleasant for your ears. Some people associate it with flowing water or summer rain. Pink noise has the same benefits as white noise, but can be more soothing for your ears. 

Brown noise

Brown noise, sometimes called red noise, is even deeper than pink noise. It can be associated with buzzing, humming, ocean waves or strong wind. Among its benefits is the fact that it helps with concentration, meditation and relaxation

Blue and purple noise

The exact opposite of pink noise is blue noise that is focusing on the upper end of the audible spectrum. Purple noise on the other hand is the complete opposite of brown noise and is made out of more penetrating sounds that resemble spray canisters hissing.

Grey noise

While the already mentioned sounds are focusing either on either higher or lower frequencies, grey noise carries in itself both ends of the spectrum and provides a much more balanced experience. Grey noise doesn’t have an exact definition and influences everyone differently. It is widely used by physicians for treating buzzing or humming in the ears.

Is white noise harmful?

Maybe you’ve already heard about the benefits of white noise. It’s a noise that combines all audible frequencies of sound and thus covers all other annoying or otherwise disturbing sounds like a blanket of relaxation. It also helps with relaxation and concentration. It’s a great tool for putting babies to sleep, since mommies and daddies can finally enjoy a full night’s sleep. However, some people are talking about the possible harmful effects of the method. Should you be worried?

Can white noise cause hearing loss?

The finding that some apps and music players can cause damage to babies’ hearing caused a great wave of panic. The panic is not entirely justified though and you seriously don’t have to throw your white noise records out. First, let’s look at the data. Let’s start with decibels, which we use to measure the volume of sound. Babies are much more prone to damage when it comes to hearing and sound, since they have a much thinner skull. A good rule of a thumb is; if you can talk loud enough to beat the white noise, then it’s not too loud.

The distance

Not everything depends only on volume though, since distance is as much important. The farther a baby is, the lower is the risk for any possible hearing loss. The same amount of caution should be applied to toys playing white noise. Babies love to bring them too close to their face – which carries a possible risk of partial hearing loss.

Don’t go over the top

Aside from the already stated factors, you should also consider the number of hours you let your baby listen to white noise a day. The sounds bring many benefits if you’re playing them about an hour a day, but can also bring some problems if you go over the top; to babies and parents alike. But really, if you’ll be moderate in your white noise usage, no problems should occur.

How to utilize all the benefits of white noise.

While some of us need complete silence and calmness to fall asleep, others like to go to sleep while listening to some sound. Some leave their TVs on, some leave their radios on. The experts wouldn’t recommend such sources of sound though. There is a general consensus in the field that people who need to be listening to something while falling asleep should listen to white noise; a sound that will bring refreshing sleepy nights.

Fall asleep

Even though white noise is used for many different purposes, falling asleep is by far the most common. Whatever it may be that disturbs you at night, be it sounds coming from the inside, or sounds coming from the outside of your room, white noise can help you in every situation. You can choose between a multitude of sounds – be it the sound of rain, the sound of an engine, or the sound of a rhythmic heartbeat.

The right volume

To avoid any hearing damage to both yourself and your baby, you should always play white noise on such a volume that will cover all distracting noises – that’s it, you shouldn’t go any louder. Also take the size of your bedroom into consideration. If you’re still worried about your babies’ hearing, just turn down the volume once they finally fall asleep – this way you’ll also prevent them from becoming too keen on the noise in the future.

White noise relaxation

You may know that white noise helps with putting your baby to sleep, but there are many other benefits! You can use it to concentrate even in the loudest of environments. Try one of the many pleasant sounds available and test it right away.

White noise and babies – pros and cons

Many parents dream of finally putting their baby to sleep. However, even though they try their best, putting a baby to sleep is a long and exhausting process. There are of course many different tips and tricks how to put your baby to sleep quickly, but the end result is not 100% guaranteed. This is why many parents turn to alternative methods such as white noise. However, there are some doubts about the effectivity of the method. What are the pros and cons of white noise?

White noise and babies

If you live in a noisy city, you know that it can get pretty hard to ignore all the sounds coming down from the street. The sounds don’t only disturb you, but also your baby. White noise helps to eliminate these sounds, since it makes you focused on something much more relaxing, like tweeting of birds or crackling of wood in a fire. There are also sounds specially made for babies. These could be relaxing melodies and lullabies or a heart beat

The advantages of white noise

Some studies have shown that white noise helps 80% of babies sleep better. They also fall asleep faster, since white noise creates a much more relaxing sounds than they would otherwise hear coming from the street. The beating of someone’s heart is also a relaxing sound for many babies and brings back their memories from the mother’s womb and with them the feeling of safety.

The disadvantages of white noise

Aside from the benefits, some people also point out some alleged shortcomings of white noise. Some white noise players are too loud and could cause partial hearing loss. Always put the white noise player sufficiently away from your baby’s crib. Another discussed problem is the possibility of an addiction. We would say that your baby could certainly get too attached to the sound, but you can simply resolve this issue easily by reducing the number of times you play the sound to your babies.

Tips and tricks

It’s your responsibility to create the most pleasant environment for your baby to sleep in. After food, the second most important thing is quality sleep. You’ll see that your life will get much easier when you get your baby to sleep for more than 10 minutes. But how to do it?

Recognise sleepiness

If you recognise, that your baby wants to sleep, your battle is already half won. Newborns tend to yawn and stare blankly into a single spot when sleepy, older babies tend to like a firm sleep schedule. Certainly don’t try to make your baby even more tired by keeping it awake in the day by force!

Sleepy time

Show your baby that it’s time to sleep. The best thing to do with older babies is simply to tell them. Don’t underestimate your little ones, since they can get what you’re saying even when they’re six months old. The routine itself is also important. Change their diaper, dim the lights and cover the windows. Your baby will quickly realize that it’s time to sleep.

The solution to all problems

Another important thing is how you’re going to put the baby to sleep. You should put your baby on its back for the first year. As it grows, it will probably prefer to sleep on its belly. You shouldn’t try to spend much time around it when it tries to sleep, since the baby won’t ever be fully asleep in your presence. Just leave the baby to do its own thing, you’ll see that it will eventually fall asleep.

When you simply can’t fall asleep

Since you’re doing everything right, it can happen that your baby will have some problems with falling asleep. Noisy environment is often to blame; often something you simply can’t influence. But even this problem has a simple solution – white noise, you can hear a sample here.

What should I do if I simply can’t fall asleep?

Maybe you belong to the lucky few that only had problems like this a handful of times, but if you aren’t that lucky and fight with sleeping problems every other night, you could maybe use some tips.

Always wake up at the same hour

Maybe it’s going to be unpleasant during the weekends, but it definitely helps. If you always wake up at the same hour, your biological clock will take note.

Calming atmosphere

Clean bed sheets, no lights, clean air and a soothing atmosphere is all you need for a good night’s sleep. If you manage to create an environment where you’re feeling relaxed, everything will be much more simple.

What to eat, what to drink

You may already know what we’re going to tell you now. A steak with fries and bacon is not going to be the ideal dinner. Try something lighter that will include magnesium and vitamin B – try some veggies or even a halibut. Don’t drink as much caffeine.


Some studies have shown that sports and other physical activities improve the quality of your sleep. The most ideal thing to do is to work out for a few minutes at least 3 hours before you decide to call it a nigh.

Use your bed to your advantage

Your bed should only be there for sleeping and sexual needs. Don’t even think about working in there!

Turn off your brain

Get your brain into a pleasant state before going to bed and don’t put it under any stress. Work, too much thinking or even a pretty difficult book can make you vigil almost all night!

Turn off your gadgets

Many expects feel that your sleep would be much better if you spent at least an hour before going to bed away from your computer, mobile phone or TV. If you can’t live without your favourite show before going to bed, at least dim the screen.

White noise

Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, but quality good night’s sleep is still an unattainable goal? Try playing some white noise! It blocks annoying and distracting sounds that can take the form of your neighbour’s dog barking or your husband/wife watching TV. Choose one of the many variants, from soothing storm, through helicopter sound, all the way to calming ocean waves.