Music box Lullaby music-box-lullaby.mp3

Music box melody /lullaby, mp3/

A ten-minute version of the Music box sound, which is played over and over. Suitable for mobile, it saves your cellular data. The Mp3 file is downloaded only once, for the very first time, it is not downloaded again in the future, it will be quickly loaded from the cache (browser memory). White noise and other sounds help babies to sleep better, to fall asleep quicker, relax or concentrate.

1-hour audio version of the Music box melody, that is played only once and then ends. Sleepy sounds, natural and technical noises for faster falling asleep and for relaxing, either children or adults.

Here you can download both versions of this audio in mp3 format. Short versions have 20 - 30 Mb, full versions are around 150 Mb big. Please do not anyhow distribute or modify the downloaded files.

Loop & One-hour

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